Spike Atlanta Volleyball Club was born in Buckhead in 2017. We are not a satellite branch of a suburban club. We are intently focused on meeting the discerning demand in Buckhead, Brookhaven & Midtown for a strong, home-grown competitive volleyball club, and we hope you will join our family!

Program Details

Spike Atlanta welcomes:​

  • kids seeking an introduction to the fast-growing sport of volleyball.

  • athletes involved in competitive volleyball and looking for relevant drills and competitive situations for skill development.

  • competitive players seeking a driven, modern volleyball club that also recognizes the immense value in the development that athletes experience through participating in other competitive sports and extracurricular activities while also playing volleyball.

  • multi-sport athletes looking to further develop their coordination, footwork, and fast-twitch muscle strength by training in a sport that builds a broad skill-set that transitions exceptionally well to basketball, baseball/softball, tennis, soccer, swimming, and lacrosse.

  • players in need of private coaching for intensive skill development and preparation for school tryouts.

  • kids interested in just having fun learning one of the most socially engaging sports in the world!


2019-2020 Spike Atlanta Teams

Team detail pages (photos, rosters) will be posted here once rosters are finalized! But here are a few shots from our inaugural season!

2019-2020 Club Season!

Our evolution into a competitive regional and national club continues after our inaugural season! We had two 14U teams during the 2018-2019 season, competing in 10 tournaments from January-May, including Big South, SRVA Regional Championships, and big tournaments hosted by A5, RallyTennessee Performance Volleyball, and Carolina Union. What I'm most proud of following our inaugural season is that all of our 18 athletes developed a much greater passion for volleyball.


I'm thrilled to announce that, this season, we will have a 12U team, two 13U, two 14U, and two 15U teams (AAU age requirements) ! To prepare for tryouts and introduce you to our coaches, we will have four open gyms ahead of tryouts....please read the following before visiting the registration link below! **Important....15U tryouts will be in early November after the high school season ends.

At Spike Atlanta, because we appreciate that there are many quality club options in the area, we are pleased to offer two tryout options to give athletes the opportunity to consider other clubs. We will have tryouts for 12-14U Spike Atlanta teams on 10/15 & 10/16. Tryouts for 15U will be 11/3 and 11/5. ***KNOW YOUR RIGHTS about tryouts---unfortunately, some clubs will pressure you to sign with their teams the day of their tryouts, but you do not have to commit until the end of Thursday, 10/17. SRVA rules state that, once your athlete is offered a position on a club team, "the club may not withdraw the offer prior to the established commitment day unless the offer is rejected by the player/parent." See a full description of the SRVA's tryout policy here.

OPEN GYM & TRYOUT REGISTRATIONS; ***REQUIRED for tryouts - USA Volleyball Medical Release

***Email steve@spikeatlanta.com if you would like our season calendar

IMPORTANTLY, athletes are not required to attend both Spike Atlanta tryouts unless they choose to do so. Detailed information about our season will be posted very soon. All practices will be 90 minutes. You can generally plan for each Spike Atlanta team to practice one weeknight and Saturday each week during February-April. We will begin practicing in October, typically twice on the weekends until Thanksgiving week, then again in January. All practices will be at one of three facilities---Family Life Center behind Second Ponce Baptist Church, Atlanta International School, and Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, all in the heart of Buckhead!


VolleyFun Fridays

If your 3rd-7th grade child is looking for 90 minutes of fun on Friday afternoons, you've come to the right place! Kids will learn about volleyball and, more importantly, being a good teammate.

Each VolleyFun Friday session will offer an enjoyable variety of:

  • strength (using body weight only) & conditioning drills

  • volleyball instruction involving partner/team-oriented activities and games

  • skill appropriate live-game simulations to help children better understand court awareness and teamwork

Time & Locations (The schedule is based on my and my coaches' availability; please provide your contact info via the "Contact" section of this site so that you will receive weekly schedule updates):

 Typically 4:30-5:45p

 Peachtree Road United Methodist Church Gymnasium

 3180 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta (rear side of the church, on Mathieson Pl NE)

 Family Life Center behind Second Ponce Baptist Church

 2715 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta


 $15 per session (first session is free)

 *Anytime you refer someone who attends VFF, you get a free session

 *No contracts or commitments required


Spike Atlanta Volleyball Club is just what we have been looking for! As a volleyball player growing up, I was excited to introduce my 'tween to the sport, but all the clubs seemed to be far away and required a significant commitment from the start. Spike Atlanta has provided our daughter with a great way to learn the fundamentals while providing our busy family with the flexibility we need. Thanks to Steve and the Club for recognizing a need for a top notch in-town volleyball option. My daughter loves it and will be pursuing volleyball in middle school as a result.

---Debby, Buckhead mom

Spike Atlanta Volleyball Club has been a great opportunity for my daughter. She really wanted to learn volleyball but had limited time during the week due to other commitments. Also, there are not many opportunities to learn volleyball ITP. Steve has been a great volleyball instructor and has made learning volleyball FUN! My daughter really looks forward to his Friday clinics.

---Kelly, mother of 4th grade girl

My girls had never played volleyball before and are quickly developing skills like bumping, setting, spiking and serving.  Most importantly they are having fun playing volleyball and getting great exercise. We are so excited to have Spike Atlanta Volleyball Club in Buckhead and love the flexible drop in times.
---Beth, mother of 4th grader and 7th grader



Greetings from Spike Atlanta!

I'm Steve Simons, Director of Spike Atlanta Volleyball Club. I sincerely appreciate you considering Spike Atlanta for your athlete(s). I fell in love with volleyball when I was 15 years old, and I still enjoy playing in my 40s. The skills that I developed from playing competitive basketball for 10 years transitioned very well to volleyball, and my volleyball play helped me become an even better basketball player.

My background in competitive volleyball and coaching includes:

  • 2 years of training children at Spike Atlanta's VolleyFun Fridays and providing private tryout prep for 16 rising 7th & 8th graders

  • 2 years as setter and right-side hitter on the Western Kentucky University men's indoor club team

  • 15 years of adult sand volleyball league and tournament participation in Nashville, Chicago, and Charlotte

  • 6 years of training my 13 year-old daughter to prepare her for competitive play

I'm ecstatic to offer this exciting and fun opportunity for children in north Atlanta, particularly because there are many athletic children who like a fast-paced team-oriented sport but don't enjoy the physical contact and aggression that occurs in most team sports. In addition to my goal of helping kids see how fun volleyball is, my aspiration is to grow Spike Atlanta into a nationally recognized club that participates in regional and national youth tournaments. I am inviting you and your children to join me on this journey!


Please click below or email me at steve@spikeatlanta.com with any questions.



If you have questions about Spike Atlanta's programs or coaching opportunities, please complete the form below or email



Additionally, please provide any feedback you believe is appropriate as we seek to broaden and evolve Spike Atlanta's programs.

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