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Brianna's Bio

Brianna Gogins has played volleyball for eleven years; playing with Tsunami Volleyball from 2012-14 and in college at FIU from 2014-18. She majored in mechanical engineering and now works as a power distribution engineer at Enercon Services while pursuing her graduate degree in applied engineering from Georgia Southern. 

She loves volleyball because she loves the team aspect of the sport; everyone is critical and the trust you have to have between teammates is special. She wants to coach because she loves helping younger girls fall in love with the sport that she did. Watching them develop and knowing that she had something to do with it is a great feeling. She hopes to teach her girls how to be a part of something bigger than themselves by working on a team towards a common goal even though everyone is different.

Fun facts:

Favorite food: Sour gummy worms

Favorite music/band: Hip hop/R&B

Hobbies/Interests outside of volleyball: She has a YouTube channel with Ashley Vargas about experiencing life while tall and is also signed to a modeling agency