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Laura's Bio

Laura Johnson played volleyball for seven years and has coached middle school for three years. She coached one year at Immaculate Heart of Mary School and two years at St. Martin's Episcopal. She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BA in Elementary Education and from Mercer University with an MA in Early Childhood Education. She currently works as a kindergarten teacher.

She loves volleyball because it helped her to become more confident as a person when she found a sport she knew she could become great at! She also met some amazing people through her teams and tournament weekends who she remains connected to today. She wants to coach because she wants to help players, beginner or advanced, to grow to their potential and love for volleyball. She hopes to teach her athletes that you have to work to reach your potential and that you have to work together to grow as players. She also wants her players to understand that part of becoming a good player is making mistakes and learning to improve from them! 

Fun facts:

Who inspires me: She is inspired by all the teachers around the world. Teaching is a taxing job, mentally and emotionally, but yet we still strive to put our students first and help them to grow everyday while still trying to balance our own lives outside of work. That dedication is more inspiring to her than anything else. 

Favorite food: Pasta (all kinds!) 

Favorite music/band: Steve Miller Band (She's seen them in concert 4 times!) but she loves all kinds of music. 

Hobbies/Interests outside of volleyball: Tennis, playing with her dog, walking on the beltline.